The Boilermaker 15K & 5K Road Race


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About the Boilermaker
  • When is the Boilermaker?

    The Boilermaker always takes place on the second Sunday of July. This year, it falls on Sunday, July 13, 2014. The 15K Race starts at 8:00 a.m., the wheelchair division at 7:45 a.m. and the 5K Race at 7:15 a.m.

  • When can I register?

    Registration will open on Saturday, March 22 at noon (EST).

  • How can I register?

    The only place to register is at Registration will stay open until each event reaches its cap. Once the cap is reached for that event, it will no longer be listed.

  • Can I get a paper application?

    No, all registrations must be done online at

  • What are the caps this year?

    The cap for the 15K is 14,000, 5K is 4,500 and the 3-Mile Walk is 1,000.

  • How do I know my registration goes through?

    You should receive a confirmation email letting you know your registration was received.

  • The race closed before I could register can I be put on a waiting list?

    No unfortunately we do not have a waiting list. However from May 5th until June 13th registered runners who would like to transfer their registration to another runner my do so by posting on the Boilermaker Bulletin Board. Please see the “Registration Rules” below:

  • If I am registered for the 15K or the 5K can I do the walk with my race bib?

    No, for insurance reasons you must register for all events and sign a waiver for each event you wish to participate in.

  • Can I walk the Boilermaker 5k?

    No, Walkers are not allowed in the 5K Race. Anyone interested in walking can register for the 3 Mile Walk that takes place at the Masonic Care Community on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

  • Can I walk the Boilermaker 15K?

    No, Walkers are not allowed in the 15K Race. Anyone interested in walking can register for the 3 Mile Walk that takes place at the Masonic Care Community on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

  • What do I do if I did not get a confirmation email?

    Check your spam box. Click here to request an additional confirmation!

  • What do I put down for seed time?

    This is where you put your best 15K finishing time in the last 2 years.

  • How can I verify my registration?

    Go to click on the box that says “Registration Verification” located on the left side of the Home Page.

  • What do I do if I registered for the wrong event?

    Notify the Boilermaker at ASAP. Please include your Boilermaker tracking number (found at registration verification) name, city, state and gender and the event you registered for, which event you want to register for, and how you would like to pay the difference. The change will be made when the payment is processed.

  • Where do I find my tracking number?

    The only spot that you will find your tracking number is at “Registration Verification.”

  • Is my confirmation number and my tracking number the same?

    No, your confirmation number is generated by the registration company. Your tracking number is a unique number assigned to you by the Boilermaker.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds but you may be able to transfer or defer your registration. Please see the “Registration Rules” below:

  • Is there a cause/specific Charity that benefits from this race?

    The Boilermaker supports charitable organizations through a variety of means. In 2013, the Boilermaker introduced a Charity Bib Program. Within the Corporate Cup Challenge we award three $500 awards to randomly chosen not for profits nominated by the various teams. On Saturday of Boilermaker Weekend a pasta dinner is hosted at Mohawk Valley Community College with all proceeds benefiting the United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area. Annually a 'charity of choice' becomes the recipient of the proceeds of the 3 Mile Walk that takes place Saturday of Boilermaker Weekend. The Boilermaker awards a number of $1,000 scholarships to local high school runners who exemplify the best in our sport. Finally, our volunteers participate in a series of community 'give backs' to make our community a better place Events such as the Saranac Thursday, Special Olympics and the American Heart Association’s National Walk Day represent but a sampling of events we have supported.

Hotels I can't run
  • Can I bring my pet to the Health and Fitness Expo.

    No, it is an indoor expo and pets are not allowed in the buildings. Please leave them home where they are safe and cool.

  • Where and when do I pick up my race number?

    Race numbers can be picked up at the Boilermaker Health and Fitness Expo on Friday, July 11th from noon to 7 p.m. and Saturday, July 12th from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Expo is held at Mohawk Valley Community College, 1101 Sherman Drive, Utica, New York. We strongly discourage race day number pickup; however out of town runners, who can’t make it to the expo, can pick up race morning from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. 15K runners pick up at ECR International, 2201 Dwyer Avenue, Utica, New York and 5K runners can pick up from 6 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. at Donovan Stadium – Murnane Field, 1700 Sunset Avenue, Utica, New York. Please arrive early enough to allow yourself enough time to pick up your number and get to the start line. Remember the start waits for no one!

  • Can I get my bib number mailed to me?

    No the bib numbers are not ready until the Thursday before the race.

  • Can some one else pick up my bib number?

    Someone else may pick up your race packet but he/she must present a note from you authorizing them to do so, along with a copy of your photo ID.

Race Day Parking
    Remember Parking may be restricted by DOT projects.
  • Where can I park for the 5K race?

    There is plenty of parking near and around Murnane Field. Please use the parking spots. Do not park in no parking zones.
    5k parking map

  • Where can I park for the 15K?

    There is some parking near the start line in the area surrounding ECR International and near the finish line at the FX Matt Brewing Company. Space is limited to public streets. There is no special reserved parking, so check your options early.
    Start line in the area around ECR International:
    15k Start Line parking map
    The finish line area near the FX Matt Brewing Company:
    15k Finish Line parking map

  • Can I take a Shuttle to the start of the 5K?

    Since there is plenty of parking near the 5K start we do not provide shuttles. There are post race shuttles back to the start of 5K.

  • Are there shuttles between the 5K and 15K starts?

    No, If you have some one running the 5K you must drop them off near the 5K start and head to where you are going to park for the 15K.

  • Is there a shuttle for the 15K?

    Yes. Shuttle buses will transport runners to the 15K start line from 6:00 am to 7:00 a.m. Arrive early for the shuttles. Don’t plan on taking the last shuttle to the start. Pick up locations are:
    1) Near the Finish Line at the corner of Court Street and State Street.
    2) Near the rear of the Post Race Party area on Whitesboro Street.
    3) Shuttles will also be available from the Post Race Party on Whitesboro Street to the start line until 1 p.m.
    Please arrive early to use this shuttle bus service.

  • Can anyone ride the shuttles?

    No. Shuttle buses are reserved for Boilermaker runners.

  • Is there a baggage truck?

    For the 15K Race ONLY!!! There is a truck near the start line of the 15K. All baggage MUST be placed in a CLEAR PLACSTIC BAG with the runner’s name and bib number on it. All baggage is subject to inspection. Backpacks, duffle bags or coolers WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. NO EXCEPTIONS!! There is no baggage check for the 5K!!

The Race
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