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And now, a word from our sponsors…

This race is powered by many forces:
An army of dedicated volunteers; many of whom have been there since the beginning.
A legion of runners, joggers and walkers that participate in one or more of our athletic events. These athletes range from the very best their nations have to offer to the ‘back of the packers’.
Finally, the Boilermaker is fueled by sponsors who provide cash, goods and services.
The economic meltdown that the world has experienced has had a profound impact on corporate sponsorship. There is no sport that is not feeling the strong headwinds of lesser available dollars.
The reason our sponsors support the Boilermaker are numerous: civic pride, corporate responsibility, and yes hopefully for you to someday buy their products! Runners on average have among the highest education and net worth among all participatory sports so you are a desired group!
The Boilermaker has prided itself on presenting a world-class event at a reasonable cost to the runner: that happens in part due to the generosity of our sponsors.
Please remember those companies that are willing to spend their money to support you (check out the website to see who they are). If you buy one of their products or use their services say ‘thanks for supporting the Boilermaker’. I guarantee it will make their day!
We all work together to make this ‘the best 15k in the USA’.

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