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Not an ordinary community

This community never ceases to surprise me with its generosity. On March 7th 8,500 runners and walkers raised $1,164,260 at the Greatest American Heart Run and Walk. This total was only 3% behind what was raised in 2008. Think about where our economy was a year ago and they managed to nearly match the number in the midst of today’s financial crisis.
In a few months hundreds will participate in the Ride for Missing and Exploited Children raising thousands upon thousands of dollars to pay for the nationwide distribution of poster of missing children.
And yes these are the same people who volunteer to make the Boilermaker ‘the best 15k in the USA’!
Where do these people come from? Haven’t they been told that this is an economically depressed region; that we can’t do it?
Does our community have challenges; sure, there are few that don’t. However it is indeed rare to find a community that is as giving as ours; I hear this from the runners that come from all over the country. It is my belief that this community is defined by its tremendous giving nature. I also believe that this race would not have flourished in just any community. The free beer is great but it is the people who work, cheer and yes run that makes this race!

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