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Spring Break

My family went down to South Carolina for Spring Break. My wife and youngest son flew down as did my oldest and his college roommate. I was ‘blessed’ the opportunity to drive my middle son with 3 other high school seniors; who do you think got the best deal? My son offered to drive (a nice gesture) but I doubt I could have closed my eyes as he attempted to navigate I-95. My wife had bought me a container of ‘5 Hour Energy’ an elixir I had never had the ‘privilege’ of trying before. Two comments; the stuff tastes terrible and it gave me a stomachache for hours. Hey, maybe that’s how it works! I suppose they would sell more of the stuff calling it ‘5 Hour Energy’ than ‘5 Hour Stomachache’.
Well, we all arrived safely and did the ‘touristy things’; miniature golf, biking, buying ‘schlocky’ tee shirts.
I will say that feeding 7 teenagers made me feel I was important part of the economic stimulus package.
I ran on the beach nearly every day; after all we haven’t got many oceans in Utica!
Why I like running on the beach:
 A good deal flatter than the terrain encountered in Upstate New York; also easier on the legs.
 Absolutely great people watching and most of them are smiling,
 Very cool to see what the waters have washed ashore. Saw a dolphin gliding through the surf no more than 15 yards off shore.
 The smells, be it the salty Atlantic or sunscreen. They remind me that someday the warm weather will travel to the North!
I had two ‘it’s a small world moments’. While walking on the beach the life guard sees my son and says I know you; I’m from Clinton. The second experience was when I stopped by the beachfront bar for some libation. The barkeep asked me where I was from when I told him he said: ‘Utica; like the Utica Boilermaker’? I nearly choked on my drink and said: ‘yeah I’m sort of involved with the race. It turns out has was a former transplanted Syracuse native.
While I was ready to get home at the end of the vacation it felt like the drive back was much longer.
My last break before the big race; the clock is ticking….

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