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The sweetest words

I mentioned in my blog introduction that I tend to be a solitary runner. There is a time when I will always make myself available; it’s when my son asks me to run. Now let’s get something straight, my son is a college freshman and a former varsity athlete. I am a bordering on 55 year old guy who is finding miles keep getting longer and longer; what is it with that!
Generally we start out together then after about the first mile I get a good chance to see my son’s back. He is a good sport and waits up for me to catch up. Then we repeat the process; it’s sort of like a Slinky. It’s really not that bad; Tim cuts back on his pace so we spend a good deal of time together.
When I run with my son it’s our time to talk about the Boilermaker, school, politics, future plans, or nothing special. In the end the time together is as important as the topic.
It brings a smile to my face as I think of Tim as a smiling kid holding up a sign along the Boilermaker course yelling for me. Now it goes full circle as I get to see him running through the finish line and I cheer for him.
So what are those sweetest words to me? It’s ‘Dad, you want to come and run with me?’

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