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Better times are coming!

Wednesday of this week is a big day for me; I get my cast shortened up! While I still have occasional pain in the wrist I am totally off any pain meds. I was initially on Vicoden which I took for a day and a half. I really didn’t like the way I felt mentally so I quit taking them. Sleeping has been rather difficult, arranging pillows to stabilize my arm. It just seems I can never find the right spot.
One thing I have resumed is running. Interestingly, I think in some ways the cast may have helped my style. With the cast extending past my elbow now find I drive my left arm in a much more efficient manner. I simply can’t let my elbow glide sideways negatively affecting my balance plus ‘throwing’ this cast forward must help move me ahead.
I even ran in the National Distances Hall of Fame (the 5k) last Sunday and placed 4th in my age group, and yes, there were more than four guys in my division running!
The following day I ran with the ‘Go the Distance’ group; a televised segment featuring twelve first-time Boilermaker runners. There were over forty other runners who participated in the roughly 5 mile training run. It’s a great group of people that show up. This week we had a wheelchair athlete, a cancer survivor, a runner who has run all 32 former Boilermaker races. A great blend of novice and experienced runners.
…and another thing for all you procrastinators.
Remember that prices increase on all Boilermaker events June 1st!
So start getting your miles in. If a guy with an arm cast can do it so can you!

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