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Living in the Land of the Righties

This posting isn’t about politics; it’s about being a left-handed person and being forced into ‘the right-handed world’. Why you ask would I decided to do this? Tim decided to paint using a ladder.
Laws of physics quickly took over. Here’s what I found out:
A) Gravity has a tendency to pull you towards the ground.
B) A concrete floor is very hard and usually breaks stuff that hits it.
After the fall (which felt like slow motion till the sudden stop) I knew my left wrist was screwed up. The x-rays proved it and after Novocain, having the broken bone pushed back where it belonged I was sporting a new cast extending a few inches past my elbow.
I had become a ‘righty’!
The comment I usually hear after someone would ask what happened was ‘well, at least it wasn’t your writing hand’. Sorry, wrong answer.
Now my handwriting was never the best; it’s sort of like a Doctor’s without the salary. As a righty I feel like a third grader slowly printing my words. ‘Now keep in the lines Timmy’!
Opening things can be a real challenge; it’s amazing what you can do with your teeth, knees, and feet.
Anything involving the bathroom is a total pain. Showering shaving, tooth brushing and all the others things accomplished in this place require ingenuity and skill.
My feelings in general are you righties are a decent sort, except for the people in the old days who killed left-handers believing the left hand was ‘the devil’s hand’ and the Nuns who used rulers to change a lefty to a righty.
My one serious statement is, for me, it’s a wake up call to think about individuals who struggle with these hardships everyday and how fortunate I am to soon return to two working arms.
So like my countdown to the Boilermaker I have another one; 34 days and a wake up until I shed this cast and run (not walk) back to the Land of the Lefties!

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