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Our Brave New World

This week I was looking through some old files primarily looking at logos from the past and thinking about the 2010 design (amazing the stuff we have to deal with before this race is even over). Looking back at hand written notes, mimeographed sheets or carbon copies, I think the only things my kids know about carbon is the footprint! Obviously all correspondence done by ‘snail mail’ with usually weeks elapsing between replies. Photos from the 70’s are frequently in black and white and I doubt much video exists of previous Boilermakers (but if someone has some I would be very interested in seeing them).
Now I look at the web site with over 1,300 friends signed up on the Boilermaker facebook page in slightly over a week. A number of Boilermaker videos posted on the You Tube section and tons of photos in the gallery. We rarely use mail; we either e-mail or use twitter (although I don’t know how to tweet, although some consider me a twit).
Our new digital landscape is great because of the ability to be ‘two clicks’ away from just about anything. Clearly a negative when all those wired-in people want answers from me at the same time! It’s amazing to think that in 1978 (our first race) was the introduction of the first cellular phone; probably one of those ‘bag phones’ that looked like a World War II walkie-talkie and cost $1000.
And remember… rates are increasing on June 1st; sign up on-line, fax or yes, use that stamp, to get signed up!

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