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Build It And They Will Come!

As I was running along the Canal trail, dodging the ‘goose poop’ scattered along the macadam I had a smile on my face. No I wasn’t smiling about the geese and their droppings the size of a small dog’s. As a little kid I had a goose bite me at a petting zoo so I harbor ill-will towards them. I was smiling about Boilermaker registrations.
I’ve had a nagging concern about the entries for this year’s events; we had been running between 500 to 700 fewer runners for the 15k week over week compared to 2008. I wondered if the economy could be having an adverse affect on registrations? I spoke with other Race Directors whose races had already occurred and all said their numbers were up compared to the previous year.
The 5k seemed healthy enough; in fact we have seen 15 to 20% growth of this event every year since we introduced the timing chip for its use. However, we are comparing 2,500 for the 5k vs. 11,000+ for the 15k. The numbers for the Walk were small but, unlike the running events, allow sign up the day of the event. Simply put, great weather equals a great Walk total.
Well, I guess my concerns were unfounded because the tsunami of race applications hit! In a single week we went from being behind 430 runners compared to the same week in May 2008 to the next week being 1,700 over 2008; WOW!
In addition the 5k is double where it was and we have 100 more walkers than last year. Did the price increase generate this traffic, absolutely, but we have never experienced a surge like this.
The 2008 race was the 3rd largest in our history with 11,405 entries; in roughly 39 days we will see if that stands!

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