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It’s All Over!

We are now roughly 30 days away from the running of the 32nd Boilermaker. The pace in the office has picked up measurably. The phone is ringing more often, lots of e-mail and website traffic; averaging 1,000 unique hits a day! In short, thoughts of the Boilermaker are rising in people’s minds!
Yet in some respects the race is over.
Tim what are you talking about?
While this race takes place on a single day of the year the planning truly takes up the other 364. At this time all the sponsors are lined up, orders for glasses, finishers pins, runner’s luncheons, water, ice port-a-johns and yes beer. Coordination with police, fire, medical services, timing, news media, the military, and entertainment.
And that’s just for the 15 and 5 k runs on Boilermaker Sunday; let’s add in the Kid’s Run, the Expo, 3 Mile Walk, Road Runner Mile, Youth Olympics, Volunteer Party, the National Anthem competition, and perhaps 12 more individual events or sub-events.
Prior to the beginning of Boilermaker week will have occurred countless meetings attended by hundreds of volunteers and adding up to thousands of man-hours.
Simply put, it’s too late to change course.
The train we call the Boilermaker has begun to leave the station. It’s a locomotive, strong and powerful, built by dollars and services of sponsors, the volunteer spirit of our community and the sweat and tears of runners.
So Tim, if in your mind, the race is over; what are you thinking about?
Well obviously the race isn’t really over. I’ll worry about all the little details Boilermaker Week brings some of which are really important and some that probably are really important only to me.
But believe it or not, I’ll be thinking about the planning for next year’s race!

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