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Jack’s Moving On!

Yesterday was my middle son’s graduation from high school. We had a small brunch consisting of family and a few friends after the ceremony. My wife had put together a display of photos chronicling the life of Jack. One picture catches my eye; it’s of Jack and I holding hands as we are waiting for his school bus.
I once heard a speaker say you will be strongly influenced by what was happening in the world when you were 10 years old. In 1964 (my 10th birthday) we had the beginning of Vietnam, the birth of the Civil Rights Movement and the arrival of a strange new group called The Beatles. Jack arrived at the ripe age of 10 in the year 2001; I guess you can guess the defining moments for him.
Jack and I are alike; although he might gag at that suggestion. He was born April 27th, I was born April 28th. I told my wife while she was in labor wouldn’t it be cool if she could hold out a few more hours Jack and I could share the same birthday. Fortunately for me I was not within arm’s reach of her as it could have been my last day on the planet. I was voted ‘class clown’ of my senior class. I would guess my parent’s would have rather seen a different honor bestowed on me. Jack also has a wicked sense of humor and the sarcastic word’s of my mother rattle in my brain; “Oh Tim; I hope you have a child just like you.”
It also brought back memories of my own graduation 36 years earlier. I thought of friends some whom still live around the area and those who have passed away. The hairs that have turned grey and the little aches you have when you get out of bed. I can’t believe it but I have become my parents!
Well, that little boy in that photo has become a young man, he has let go of my hand, and is waving goodbye as he begins down his own road. I’ve got a tear in my eye that is liberally mixed with amounts of joy and sadness for perhaps for both of us.
Jack, stay safe.
I love you!

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