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The Mouse Moved To The Left

I find myself without a cast and that is a real surprise! Rewind backwards three weeks ago when I went to the Doctor’s office to ,thankfully, get my cast cut down and two weeks later to be cast free and begin rehab. Imagine my surprise when I was told that one of the bones hadn’t healed properly and I would have to go for surgery. This news really hit me doubly hard as I was feeling relatively pain-free with strength returning to my fingers. So the following week I found myself in the office of the nice Orthopedic Surgeon. Driving to the office I thought about the unhappy mix of flesh, metal and bone and what the heck I would look like on Boilermaker Sunday.
In stepped the second surprise; the nice Orthopedic Surgeon studied the x-rays and said: “Tim, this one bone that is problematic is really on the edge of needing surgery or rehab; let’s try for rehab.” The clouds opened up, the sun shined and all was well with the world! Praise God; a surgeon who didn’t want to carve into my arm! A few minutes later the nurse came in with the cast saw (or whatever medical term they call that thing) and my arm was freed from its plaster prison of six weeks.
Well, the arm was not the prettiest thing; the forearm had withered with lots of dead skin. The hand from the wrist to the fingers were really swollen. I looked at the nurse and looking at her seriously asked: “Do you think my dreams of being a hand model are over?” She laughed at me and had me attempt and I underline attempt to move my hand. My fingers felt like moving icicles and my wrist screamed in being asked to go places it hadn’t been in weeks. Okay; this wasn’t going to be so easy.
So now I find myself in a wrist brace. I can shower without that infernal plastic bag, fasten buttons easily, use regular floss; not little kids ‘flossers’. I can finally get decent nights sleep; there never seemed to be the right spot to put my cast-laden arm. And, my left hand is freed so I can again write with a pen and use two hands on the keyboard. So the mouse (the computer kind) has moved back to the left!

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