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And The Award Goes To…….

An important component to the race is the friendly completion that takes place among various groups. Last week we had awards ceremonies for two of these sectors.
For the past 5 years the Utica Fire Department and Utica Police Department compete for a trophy. In memory of Bob Ingalls, former Boilermaker Race Director, the event has been renamed The Bob Ingalls Utica Police and Fire Department Competition.
The past four years the Fire Department have dominated this event; well, 2009 was a new year as the Utica Police captured the award.
I was struck by a couple of things. One, these guys are very good runners with times in the high 50 to low 60 minutes to run 9.3 miles. Second, they are all so young! It is truly amazing to see how young people are getting as I get older; what’s that all about?
This was a really fun celebration with the good natured ‘trash talking’ and the ‘see you next year’ comments. These are really fine young men that represent our community well!
The next day was the Boilermaker Corporate Cup awards. This event has been has been existence for over 25 years thanks to the perseverance of coordinator Cosmo Castellano. This year over 70 firms with literally hundreds of runners competed.
A new wrinkle to this year’s completion was the awarding to three not for profits a $500 donation selected at random from requests by the various teams.
My comments to the group were this. Imagine if every each of them could get at least one fellow employee to participate in a Boilermaker event next year? The two immediate benefits you will have given that person the greatest gift of all; the gift of life, while perhaps beginning to help control our health care costs. I think having Excellus as the sponsor is clearly a great fit.
Still to come; The Spectator Competition Award and the School Challenge; I’ll keep you informed!

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