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The Birds Have Flown

Like the migratory birds two of our kids have ‘flown the nest’ for college to return in the spring. Now we have one boy left at home to receive his mother’s undivided attention. I told him: ‘Michael, this will be like getting to eat a gallon of ice cream. In the beginning it will taste great, but when you’re getting near the bottom you the taste will get sickening.’ One real positive; I now know who to blame when sports drinks are left half-drunk all over the house!
I could sense the on-coming depression of my wife over their departure about two weeks prior to the event. It was capped off my youngest saying to my wife after leaving Dean College; ‘Hey Mom, pull over; your crying so hard you’re going to crash into a car!’
Now about the fateful trip…
Fortunately, the boys are going to school relatively close to each other meaning we could do the move in one weekend.
Unfortunately, they had so much stuff I had to borrow my brothers SUV as well as use mine.
Fortunately, my oldest got a chance to move in a day early meaning we didn’t have to battle the vehicle/ human traffic jam.
Unfortunately, his room was on the fourth floor with the elevator unavailable. To add to this I had to buy a few things that were needed for the room so I did get a chance to ‘experience’ the madness of the first day move-in.

Speaking of unfortunate events, after dropping off my middle son my wife wanted to stop at the outlet mall outside Providence where my oldest goes; so did by my estimation 50 million other people ( perhaps a bit of an exaggeration). I guess the clue that this was not a good idea was the half mile traffic jam just to get off the exit. There’s nothing better to bring out the best in people than a limited amount of parking spaces and a seemingly unlimited amount of cars! Joyful words and hand gestures were exchanged among drivers as cars prowled relentlessly for the elusive open spot. My wife won the ‘parking spot lottery’ as I kept circling around the mall. When she got to the first store she found out it was nearly an hour to checkout so she left. Do you think I thought that was fortunate or unfortunate?
The house is now noticeably quieter. Interestingly, my youngest seems to have a bit of melancholy with the brother’s absence. I suppose it’s withdrawal from getting punched and being the butt of insults by the older two.
While we now have cell phones, text/ instant messaging, e-mail and Skype to keep in communication it is these times that we are reminded how much we care for someone.

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