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Here are some things that I thought about this week. They are loosely affiliated, but rather scattered thoughts, that came to my head while running.
The Swine Flu: I think if there is anything positive about this recent Swine Flu scare is the increased awareness on washing ones hands. There was a recent study done about men’s hand washing habits after they had gone to the bathroom. Apparently only 60% of men while 90% of women wash their hands after using ‘the facilities’. In an office environment I would often be shocked by people I worked with who I would talk to while we were taking a ‘biological break’ and then they would walk out bypassing the sink! So now even when I wash my hands I have the ‘pleasure’ of opening the ‘dirty door’. Now I know it might be weird to place the sink outside the door (but it might really cast the light on those non-washers in the workplace) but at least put a hand sanitizer close by.
My next vote for very unclean surfaces…
ATM machines: the surface of these keypads has to be one of the nastiest germ factories on the planet. Speaking of ATM machines; I’ve always wondered why some ‘drive thru’ ATM machines that I’ve used have Braille symbols on them? I hope I never encounter the driver that needs those!
Now more about cars…
Car courtesy: I think we’ve all dealt with the car that we hear approaching before we can see it and I ‘m not talking about the one with the bad muffler; I’m talking about the one with the supersonic stereo system. You can usually figure out which car it is when at a stoplight; it’s the car near you that seems to suffer from a spasmodic twitch as the bass line incessantly pounds. While I find the music mildly offensive I find the words extremely offensive. I suppose these must be some sort of ingenuity to manage to fit in as many unacceptable words in a short period of time. At least close your windows!
Smoking: If I find the ‘sharing’ of music an issue I really can’t understand the smoker who drives alone and hangs their cigarette out the window. Like the ‘music sharer’ if you really enjoy the flavor please close those windows and really enjoy the full affect!
Now I’m thinking about cigarette butts…
Why is it unacceptable to throw a fast food cup on the street, yet throwing cigarette butts on the ground is OK? As a runner it always amazes me the amount of cigarette remains I encounter along the roads and sidewalks; it seems like these babies have a lifespan of years! Perhaps a fine should be assessed similar to littering but the money goes to programs that support smoking cessation?
I think I’m beginning to understand the time when one of my elementary school teachers spoke to my mother and said; ‘your son certainly is different!”

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