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I’m Back!

Sorry for the long absence since my last posting. Between a website hosting change, a rather hectic work schedule and, yes, a bit of writers block allowed things to get away from me.
We will in roughly a week reach the 100 day point until the race. When we cross over to that two-digit mark the activity level dramatically increases. The phone rings more frequently, a dramatic rise in e-mails, and a dearth of meetings. What many may not realize is the amount of prerace work accomplished prior to this point. Sponsor presentations (nearly sixty between existing and potential new ones) are essentially done due to their budgeting that is traditionally firmed up the previous year. Preparations for ordering finishers pins, glasses, goody bag items, clothing for Expo sales, and timing systems are a portion of things that need to be locked down weeks, if not months, prior to the event. Planning meetings with the various media, print, radio and TV outlets on this year’s race coverage. Add to this the planning for the Hall of Fame Race (run this year on May 23rd; sign up today), this year’s Induction Ceremony; on and on…
In fact the initial planning for the 2011 event will begin about a month and a half prior to the running of the 2010 race.
This is our time to ‘sweat the details’ because frankly if we don’t confusion and disappointment will take over!
Now when I look at the Countdown Clock when I walk into the office in the morning my anxiousness rises.

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