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Back From Beantown

This weekend I was in Boston with the primary mission of announcing the members of the 2010 Induction Class of the Distance Running Hall of Fame. As you might be aware they have a little race that takes place on Monday called the Boston Marathon. where over 26,000 ‘toe the line’ at Hopkinton and commence a 26.2 mile journey ending in front of the John Hancock Building in downtown Boston. I had to leave Sunday night, prior to the actual running of the race. Here are my remembrances:
 The fun began when driving into the toll booth welcoming you to Boston off the Mass. Pike. Apparently many of our fellow runners from around the country were unaware of the ‘speedpass’ lane vs. the traditional pay toll. Fun was had by all as cars maneuvered trying to find their respective lanes. It was interesting to see the various license plates from around the country converging on Boston. Traffic in Boston is always a challenge the addition of thousands of out-of-towners made things special. My wife helped me as navigator by telling me the road I should turn onto right when I was passing it!
 The Expo was massive taking up a large portion of the Hymes Convention Center. I got a kick out of two old homeless people (who looked like hey couldn’t run 26 feet as opposed to 26 miles) taking a can of Planters nuts while the guys were trying to fill sample cups.
 Boston Marathon jackets everywhere! On the streets, at the restaurants, at Fenway where I had a chance to sit in a cold drizzly rain and see the Sox lose (quiet down you Yankee fans).
 Did the announcement of this year’s Hall of Fame Inductees, Dick Beardsley and Miki Gorman, at a local ‘watering hole’ near the Expo. Dick Beardsley was in attendance and was incredibly excited to be elected by the leaders of the distance running community.
Finally, you can’t help go to an event like this and catch a bit of the ‘wouldn’t it be cool to run Boston bug’. I know its happened to former spectators of the Boilermaker who became runners because they’ve told me countless times. Who knows, maybe there’s a marathon in me yet!

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