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The Young Princes Return

The college year is over and two of my sons (one a freshman, the other a sophomore) have returned. The term ‘returned’ is a relative one when your kids come back for the summer. A friend of mine said to me; ‘Tim, when your kids come back from college they don’t live there anymore; they’re renters’. How true…
My youngest son, the 15 year old, I’m sure looks at his brothers return with both a sense of happiness and loss at being the center of attention.
What their return means:
Dinner can range from the two to perhaps eight; it makes meal preparation for the mother interesting. With the Boilermaker almost upon us (did you register yet?) my days/ nights have become a series of meetings so I am often absent.
Three cars, four drivers; enough said.
The clothes washer/ dryer are again perpetually running; I guess they don’t teach in higher education that you actually can use a towel more than once!
We informally play the game ‘How much can the recyclable and garbage pail in the kitchen hold?’ Why do I always lose?
Some good things: it’s nice to come home and see the lawn mowed (and I didn’t even ask). To hear one of them say;’ Hey Dad; let me take care of that’. That there is sometimes more gas in the car than the last time I drove it.
Some bad things: the time they get home in the evening/ morning. The size and the cost of the grocery list. That there is sometimes no gas in the car and the radio station/ volume that greets me when I turn the key.
Let’s face it, they have entered the transition point where, while the family is important, we as parents don’t direct every action. They have jobs and are responsible for getting up, getting there, and doing the best they can.
I guess they are taking the course Adult 101; looks like my wife and I are still learning too.

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