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For those about to run; I salute you!

I think I’ve caught myself stuck in a cycle where my blog posts are primarily written about me. While I consider myself an absolutely entrancing individual worthy of accolades infinite praise (a big joke) and study I need to return to my roots; the race.
We now stand at less than two weeks until the running of the race. Preparations for this one day began immediately after the finish of the 2009 race.
Maybe that was you watching as a spectator and saying to yourself ‘I’m sick and tired of watching these people; I’m going to be one of these people’! You may be running in memory of a loved one or for some special occasion (I promised myself I’d run the Boilermaker before I’m; insert age here).
Perhaps you are part of the formal training programs or one of those solitary runners grinding out the miles along the course. The rains chill as it slowly seeps into your clothes and sneakers or the blistering heat causing stinging perspiration to cascade into your eyes. That little voice in you head says ‘hey stupid, you really don’t like this; let’s try again tomorrow when it’s nicer’.
Due to the individualistic nature of this sport it’s exceedingly easy to blow off putting in the time/ miles because of some (often) self-induced excuse. The good news is if you don’t fall that seduction you are building up a mental toughness as you get physically stronger. Simply put; what you give is what you get.
This course is an uncaring creature; she/ he is 9.3 miles punctuated with muscle-staining hills held in the heart of an upstate summer. The distance/ course/ temperature will not change for you. This is not for the faint of heart!
I can tell the people that have that ‘Boilermaker look’ as you trudge along weeks/ months prior to the race. Just know I have often seen you and given you an invisible ‘high five’.
Your ‘Christmas in July’ is almost here!

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