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Winter Woes, Spring Salvation

Well, it looks like the Ice Age is slowly receding from Utica! This Winter seemed more relentless that pervious ones. Perhaps it was we had no real thaw; perhaps it’s my 57 year old body is just enjoying it less.
The ravages of the season have rendered the roads throughout the community a potholed minefield punishing those whose concentration is less than 100%. If texting while driving is dangerous under ideal conditions attempting it now is akin to playing Russian Roulette except you have five loaded chambers! Even my own house suffered ‘battle damage’.
In mid-February I received a call at the office from my wife with the words ‘Tim, your not going to believe it!’ The tone in her voice was clearly not that Publishers Clearing House had arrived at the Reed homestead to deliver cash and prizes. No, what was delivered was an ungodly amount of ice and snow that decided to move from my roof to the ground below. Unfortunately, my gutter system decided to get in the way and the whole mess of metal, ice wood and snow littered the front of my house!
The retreat of the snow has revealed all sorts of hidden ‘treats’:bottle caps, cigarette butts, fast food wrappers and snack bags; guess this stuff is not only bad for you health-wise but is also bad for the environment.
Yet in spite of all these negatives glimpses of fairer days are seem. Runners and walkers, some in groups, some solitary folk have begun their travels over the now uncovered pavement.
Last week temperatures hit the mid-50’s and it seemed that all was right with the world. As I was walking down the sidewalk I sighted what I consider the official ‘bird of Spring’; a fly! No doubt about it; rising temperatures = a better frame of mind. If someone comes to me in July and complains how hot it is I will gently remind them about this Winter.
Yes, the Boilermaker weather will come with its sultry temperatures and high humidity. Simply put; bring it!

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