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Our Fair City

The latest census data came out a couple of weeks ago and I was frankly dreading it. Upstate New York has seen a massive exodus for over a decade leading to the joke what is our biggest export; our young people. It’s remarkable to think that at one point Utica was a city with over 120,000 people!
How did it happen? A hundred people have a thousand different opinions; job opportunities, taxes, the weather (I might agree after this winter), things to do, on and on.
I think it’s sometimes popular to talk down the place we live in. A while ago a survey was done nation-wide and Utica ended up with the ‘honor’ of being one of the saddest cities. I found it interesting that Washington was listed as the happiest; I’ve been around a few neighborhoods in D.C. that don’t exude happiness as I’m fumbling to engage the door lock.
I find the Bank of Utica ads refreshing in gently reminding us of the things that exist in our community. No, I don’t own any Bank of Utica stock!
Hey, I’m not a big winter guy, yet there are a ton of people from throughout the Northeast who flock to our area to snowmobile; it’s big business. What is remarkable is these trails are groomed by unpaid volunteers throughout the season.
I feel honored to be a part of one of the great community events we have. Here’s the deal; the Boilermaker only works when we have a tremendous volunteer base, support of the city, good media relations and a strong sponsor group.
Well, back to the census; surprise, surprise; Utica actually grew in population; not huge numbers but clearly up! Add to this that Utica is ranked one of the top areas to own real estate.
So where do we want to focus; sad city or growing city?
It seems to me we’ve got enough problems to fight against without fighting against ourselves. I’m not trying to sound like ‘Sally Sunshine’ but really; long term few people like to hang around with people who are perpetually negative.
Don’t be the guy at the party that no one wants to be around.

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