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The Race Is Over; On With The Race!

Well, we hit the cap on the 15k. In just four and a half months we registered 13,000 participants; wow! I look back at the years we would have a few thousand runners and sign ups ran nearly the entire year; my, how we have grown.
Administering the cap this year was sort of like working on a watch (for those of you who still have a non-digital timepiece) lots of little gears moving around. You’ve got registrations on-line, via paper, elite athletes, sponsor applications (need to guess if they sign up for 15k, 5k or walk), injured runners, the ‘can’t do the 15k, but think I can do the 5k’ runners, on and on.
Then there are the stories why people missed the registration cutoff. With the amount of saturation coverage we received from the media (thank you guys), social media, and mailed applications pointing out the cap. In hindsight, I’m not sure what more we could have done.
Assuming we have a race that meets our customers expectations I expect that next year the race will sell out faster. Next year is our 35th birthday, we’ll have an Induction Ceremony for the Hall of Fame and I’m sure we’ll have some other enhancements to keep the Boilermaker the one race you simply have to run.
I spoke to the Race Director of a race bigger than the Boilermaker on his experience with caps; his experience was the cycle of sellout indeed happens faster. They went to a point where the race sold out in one day! Since then, they use a lottery system based more on ‘luck of the draw’ then when you signed up.
In this case the race did indeed go to the swift; congratulations to those 13,000 who at least made the starting line! For those who procrastinated, registration for the 2012 race opens in January; love to have you come!

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