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It’s Over; It Begins

My brain is slowly reorienting itself to a steadier pace. The days of little sleep boosted by a morning coffee jolt(s) have passed.
My family, fortunately, understand that any conversations with me the week of the race are probably meaningless as my head is clearly elsewhere.
The day of the race is frankly a huge adrenalin rush followed, predictably, by a bit of depression with its passing.
The Boilermaker was run a little more than a week ago yet it feels like it was so much longer ago.
The buildup for the race with volunteer coordination, endless meetings, telephone ringing incessantly and invariable snafus makes it a survival race for staff; can we hold out until the end of the race?
Now comes the time of feedback from Committee members, runners, and sponsors as well as personal reflection on the event that has just passed.
Bills need to be paid, thank you notes need to be mailed, and in general we need to put the office back together after hurricane Boilermaker blew through.
Finally, a time to take a few days off and recharge the batteries before plowing into the planning of the 2012 race.

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