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Start Your Engines!

This will probably be my last blog posting before the running of this year’s running/ walking events. It’s interesting that for my perspective the race is already over. The months of preparation now come down to a series of events encompassed in four days. I can now merely react to the events as they roll out be they good or bad.
So now runners it’s up to you. Hopefully you have gotten your training in; a little late if you haven’t. Have you started increasing your water intake? Be prepared for lines at the Expo; please be patient. Get to the Start Line early! Remember the 5k is starting at 7:15 this year. Say thank you to a volunteer.
Hey people of Utica; come out and cheer our neighbors and visitors as they pound the pavement. This race is heralded throughout the U.S. for its incredible spectator support. As a veteran of many Boilermakers I can tell you it offers a huge lift to the participants, especially our first-time runners.
Sorry if I sound like your Mom; I guess for Boilermaker Weekend I sort of am.
Have a great run; see you at the Finish Line!

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