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The Flight Of The Interns

By the end of the week the last of our three interns will have left for college. These young people serve an important function to bolster a small staff. They get to experience the ‘Boilermaker high’ as well as the mundane nitty gritty work that happens to support the race. These young people bring with them social media skills that they literally have grown up with. The importance of this cannot be understated; these are tools that are essential for any major road race.
They act as a great sounding board to reach the 20-somethings, an important constituency. Also it helps that they have strong backs!
Some are majoring in sports management, events planning or just a good old-fashioned liberal arts education.
Perhaps you spoke to one if you called our office. Maybe they sent you a training shirt you purchased on-line or helped process your race application.
This year my middle child Jack was one of the interns; always an interesting experience when you get the chance to be ‘the boss’ of one of your children. The real challenge is not ‘inviting’ that relationship into your home after business hours.
One of Jack’s comments to me was “Gee, I didn’t realize how much has to be done to put on this race”!
I smirked and replied “Yeah, it’s a little more than a weekend in July isn’t it”?
This was a nice Summer for the two of us to interact.
It was a chance to work together towards a common goal.
A chance to talk together as two adults about serious issues.
Finally, a chance to laugh together at the crazy things that always happen!

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