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Tough Decisions Are Tough To Make!

By now you may have heard that the Boilermaker Expo will be leaving the Masonic Care Community to relocate to Mohawk Valley Community College. Breaking up is never easy; the race and Masonic had a fifteen year relationship putting on the Expo. Few remember the old pre-Masonic Days when the Expo was held in the Riverside Mall prior to the mall being broken up into a series of big box stores. At that time we had around 3,000 runners, no 5k, no Walk and the Kid’s Run was held race day on the last mile of the course. The Post Race was small enough to hold in the front of the brewery and you picked up your own beer cups!
When I met with Masonic I said this was the toughest decision I’ve had to make in my four years as Executive Director; I meant it.
Change is tough; we now need to lay out new courses for the Walk, the Kid’s Run, new venue for the Induction Ceremony, Volunteer Party, and Pasta Dinner.
More importantly we now leave a dedicated Masonic staff who have over the course of time have become good friends to an unknown group in a new neighborhood.
Saying all these things, the move ultimately is a good thing for the Race, or should I say for the runners, primarily because of weather and parking.
Conducting an Expo using tents makes one susceptible to the quirks of upstate New York weather and we have had some ‘dandy’ quirks. This years thunder and lightning spectacular on Friday afternoon of the Expo was pretty interesting.
What few realized was we need not only two good days of weather for the Expo but roughly four good days prior for setup.
On to parking…
Some wags claimed that the walk to and through the Expo was longer than the 15k. No doubt we were victims of our success as we offered more and more with parking that was less and less. Whenever I would see a runner at the Expo carrying multiple goody bags I’d think “did that guy draw the short straw and have to pick up his friends stuff?”
Clearly parking should be (hopefully) a bit easier for our visitors; some might even be able to walk to the Expo from their house.
So the Expo returns to its roots of an in-door venue. We have some brand new logistical hurdles to deal with. Am I worried; I always worry a little. Fortunately, I have a group of incredible Boilermaker volunteers and workmates that will help make me look smart!

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