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Tim’s Sunday Shopping

This is the time of year when there is little to write about the Boilermaker. While a number of very important administrative tasks are getting done they probably don’t rise to the occasion of writing up on my blog.
Yet the ‘deal’ if you will is once you start a blog you need to feed the beast.
So this blog has nothing to do with road racing in general or the Boilermaker specifically, if that’s what your looking for you might want to stop reading now.
I’m going to write about grocery shopping and the occasionally goofy things that happen to me and that I think about.
Sunday is traditionally the shopping day for the Reed family.
The deal is my wife makes the list and I get the chance to do the shopping and pay for it. It appears the distribution of labor is not to my benefit, but I digress.
First off need cash so on to the drive-through ATM.
Is it only me that finds it interesting that when you go to the drive-through ATM that there are Braille symbols under the keys? I have nothing against the sight impaired but I’m not sure they should be driving.
Secondly, have you ever thought about the amount of people that use the ATM? It’s sort of like getting a chance to shake hands with thousands of people with just a few punches of the keypad. Might be a great place to provide the customer a hand sanitizer device.
As I enter the store I encounter the shopping cart ‘corral’. I review which one of these ‘ponies’ seem to be the cleanest and attempt (underline the word attempt) to navigate the cart out of the corral. Well, invariably the cart I have chosen is involved in some sort of mad metal and wheels mating ritual. Out come no less than three carts that refuse to disengage. You feel the eyes of the citizens dropping nickel deposit bottles in the machines located close by resting on you thinking “Ok tough guy, let’s see what you’re made of!”
Rather than getting in a wrestling match I usually just give up on that group of carts, leaving them for some unsuspecting poor soul coming later, and snag a single cart close by.
While the deal is that my wife makes the list and I shop the list invariably my cell phone will ring with addition(s) to the list. While the call is not a problem where the dilemma occurs is 90% of the time as I’m speaking another call is trying to come in. Now this is the same phone that may not get an incoming call in days yet suddenly it’s like some sort of weird instant message goes out to everyone I know saying ‘Hey Tim’s on the phone, call him now, it really frustrates him!”
Where the frustration comes in is attempting to answer the other call usually results in me pushing the wrong button and hanging up on both my wife and the other person calling in.
My philosophy about this is if it’s really important they’ll call back.
As an aside, is it me or does it seem like the strangest people in the store are in the pet food aisle?
Finally I’m done, the cart groans under the weight from the tonnage of stuff piled in.
Time to check out.
The checkout lines are marked as follows:
Quick Express Line, 10 items or less
Express Line, 25 items or less
You’re Going to Stay Here a Long Time Aisle (OK, I made that up).

As I unload my cart the bagger has a different cart at the ready to load up. Why does it seem that the cart I get was a homeless guy’s cart that besides not being the most clean sometimes has that one wobbly wheel making it act like a possessed creature?
Get to the car, try not to crush the fragile items (I usually bat about.500) and we are homeward bound!
Promise next blog will be more Boilermaker-centric.
Run safely!

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