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New Year, New Me

New Years is one of those holidays that have never been high on my hit parade. I have a tendency to thing about those things undone rather than those things achieved.
Yet saying that I am frankly very happy this year is coming to a close. The last two months have been marked with a series of deaths of people that I know, including the passing of my Aunt Elaine the last survivor of my parents, their brothers and sisters and their spouses. My sister said to me; “Tim, we have now officially become the old people”. I have been recently been listening to John Meyer (definitely buy his Where the Light is CD) and his song ‘Stop this Train’ which reminds me of my own mortality. But my plan for this blog was not to ramble on about life or death but the idea of resolutions.
Often we decide that January 1st is the day to tackle the whole enchilada of traits we believe need to be changed. Let’s simply throw all those bad habits in a bag and toss them off the pier; hey how easy was that! Behavioral change is very, very difficult, just try putting on a shirt inserting the opposite arm you usually do; sort of feels weird.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of promises we make to ourselves the first day of the year come undone pretty quickly. It’s tough to ‘rewire’ our brains to do something that might bring us immediate gratification even though it is, long-term, a bad thing for us.
Saying all these things I am the firm believer that one of the strongest powers we posses is the power of hope. So if your if you want to lose that extra weight, eat healthier, or perhaps run your first Boilermaker.
Remember what I said earlier about the challenges of changing many bad habits in our lives? Decide to run the Boilermaker and do all the right things to prepare yourself for 9.3 miles and you’ve headed a ways down the road to become ‘the brand new you’!
So for me it’s a simple resolution (yeah, right Tim); the resolution to be a better listener. You know there’s something funny about being the person in charge; frequently your hearing somehow gets diminished. Perhaps it’s pride, ego, or maybe it’s just being simply hard-headed. It is coming to the understanding that not only do I not have all the answers; sometimes I don’t even know what the questions are!
Have a great New Year!

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