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What A Weekend!

On Saturday, January 7th at 12:01 am the 2012 Boilermaker began, or rather, Boilermaker Registration began; boy did it take off fast!
In 2011 at the end of the first weekend of registration we had 856 people registered for the 15k, 85 for the 5k. By the end of Sunday (January 8th) over 2,100 registered for the 15k, 164 for the 5k. Looks like we’re going to sell out waaaay earlier than last year! Facebook has caught on fire with runners exuding Boilermaker spirit.
On Saturday morning we did a paper registration at our local Planet Fitness. My favorite part of these events is getting the chance to interact with our customer; the runner. From the veterans of multiple Boilermakers to the ‘I’m going to run this race once before I die first-timers’ I get a charge out of just listening to them. It helps remind me the importance of this race to our community and our responsibility to deliver a first class event.
The night ended with a fireworks display near our offices to celebrate the halfway point until the Boilermaker. I ran into volunteers that support the race who came downtown to catch the pyrotechnic display. Clear skies, temperatures in the 40’s (I’m sort of loving climate change) as the first rocket took to the sky.
Today the race became real!

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