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Boilermaker Blues

“And it’s too late baby, now it’s too late. Though we really did try to make it.”
Carol King 1971
If you are reading this and wanted to run the 2012 Boilermaker 15k but hadn’t registered yet I’m afraid you are out of luck.
A simple math lesson:
Last year we had a smaller field (13,000) and went roughly 100 days( May 14th )until we closed out.
This year the race opened registration on January 7th and in 65 days 14,000 runners filled the field.
Less days= more runners, sort of a funny formula!
If last year’s registration was at the speed of sound this year went at the speed of light.
In hindsight the attraction of running the 35th anniversary race combined with all the people that were shut out last year and vowed not to have it happen again provided a powerful formula for an early sell out. I was convinced the race would sell out earlier but thought it would occur at the end of March.
The 5k will quickly follow suit as disappointed ‘coulda-been’ 15kers register for the smaller race. Last year’s male and female 5k winners both had been shut out of the 15k. It’s funny dealing with the ‘hard core’ 15k runners. Suggest to them they could always run the 5k and I get ‘the look’.
Now comes the tough times, the times I dread, when I hear the phone ring.
“Hi Tim, it’s (fill in the blank). “ (I think I know what’s coming)
“Hi (fill in the blank), haven’t heard from you in awhile; what going on?”
“Well you wouldn’t believe it” (Now I really, really, know what’s coming! Danger Will Robinson! Danger!) I guess I was unaware of the race closing out so I was wondering…”
One of the worst parts of this job is having to say the simple word ‘no’. It’s cold comfort to tell it to someone you don’t know, downright unpleasant to drop it on someone you consider a friend.
The e-mails have already begun with the reasons that 14,000 people ‘got it’ but they didn’t: oh well.
I suppose it’s a great thing to have a product that people want. Still, I’m thinking about joining a witness protection program at least until the race starts!

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