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Are You Ready?

This year’s Boston Marathon, which occurred on April 16th, was certainly an interesting one. The wild weather we have experienced blasted the eastern seaboard with temperatures 30 degrees above normal. The marathon, which starts at around 10 am was looking at 69 degree temps at start time. Race officials offered to the 27,000 registrants the opportunity to defer running this year’s and be guaranteed a spot in the 2013 race; over 4,500 took them up on the deal.
In spite of thinning the field, doubling the hydration stations, and repeatedly cautioning the runners to not try and achieve a pr (personal record) over 2,100 had to seek some form of medical attention. Add to this the unique nature of Boston; participants need to have a qualifying time from another marathon to even get a chance to register; you weren’t talking about people who had not experienced the rigors of running 26.2 miles.
While we have been extremely fortunate with cool start line temperatures over the past few years (58 last year) there are no guarantees with the weather other than it will change.
The hottest temperature we’ve had for a Boilermaker start was 1988 (8:30 am start time) when it was 79 degrees when the starting gun went off; and that was before you had the ‘privilege’ to run 9.3 miles where temps quickly rose to the mid 90’s. That was one of the few years I did not run the race (thank God) as I was on my honeymoon.
This leads me to the true intention of this blog. The race is now 78 days away as of this writing. If you feel you are not up to running 15k (or even 5k) this July why don’t you transfer the number to someone who can and will? Just visit the Boilermaker Facebook page and you will see the demand. On April 30th (you heard it here first) the transfer period goes live; it will be very easy to do.
The race this year strictly adhere to shutting down the clocks at 21/2 hours so if your plan is to walk the course you may find little waiting for you at the finish. Remember, this is a race; our walk event takes place the day before at MVCC.
So if your not ready you have the opportunity to bring joy to someone you may not even know and that my friend is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

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