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Start Spreading the Word

Forgive the mixed sports analogy that I’m notorious for but we are reaching the homestretch for race preparation.
I gave some thought to what we need pass along to our visitors. While we’ve tried to get the word out I guess we can’t over communicate. Here’s a focus on two changes for 2012 that represent major departures from the past.
The Expo move:
I’ve been shocked on more than one occasion speaking to someone and they are unaware that this year’s Expo will be taking place at Mohawk Valley Community College. In the next couple of weeks we will be featuring an ‘all things Expo’ button on the website that will layout both graphically and in words spell out what’s going on.
While I’m very excited with the ability of our guests having more parking options and somewhat ‘weather-proofing’ the event I fear the guard at the Masonic Care Community (our former Expo venue) will hate us by the end of the weekend telling people where to go (hopefully nicely).
The transfer policy:
Seems like there are still many questions about how it works or that it even exists. The ability to legally transfer a number from a runner who can’t participate to one who wants to went live at the end of April. While the Boilermaker does not want to become the eharmony of running, our Facebook is a good place to find a person who may want to dump/ receive a racing bib. June 22nd marks the end of the ability to transfer so find that special someone!
The process is pretty simple go to and click on the icon that says Boilermaker Transfer Policy.
As an outside observer it looks like a number of people who got shutout of the 15k and ended up signing up for the 5k are finding 15kers (my word) who are having second thoughts about the 9.3.
So I have a favor to ask, tell your friends about what’s going on. We are but one voice; you are many.

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