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If I Was You

With the race just a few days away I thought I’d put together a ‘top ten list’ for Boilermaker runners, walkers, spectators, and volunteers. It is in not order of importance.
Hey, we’ve moved-
Remember the Expo has moved to Mohawk Valley Community College.
We’ve been shouting this from the rooftops for months but I still fear that people will be showing up at the Masonic Care Community thinking they got a great parking spot only to realize they are a couple of miles away from the Expo. I formally deputize all of you to spread the word of the Expo move to everyone.
Have patience-
Remember there are tens of thousands of you picking up your racing bibs, signing up your children for the Kid’s Run, participating in the walk, etc.. The roads are built to normally handle a fraction of this traffic. I have found that blaring the horn, cutting people off, or making explicit hand and arm gestures rarely makes the other driver think “Gee, thank you for pointing out the error of my ways; I’ll never do that again.”
Likewise at the Start line, use those good listening skills. Security is there to make sure everyone has a safe experience. Your job is to run; their job is to make sure you can run.
Enjoy everything-
The addition of Leon Etienne and Robert Channing performing as well as the Induction Ceremony (all free) all take place on Saturday at the MVCC Theater. Hands-only CPR training by the American Heart Association, ‘Beef up Your Heath’ offering health screening or just sampling Chobani yogurt offers something for everyone, not just the Boilermaker participants.
Be an ambassador-
This weekend we will have people from nearly every state in the nation as well as from all points of New York; be helpful. Remember the old maxim ‘there is never a second chance to make a first impression’? You never know who you are talking to; it could be the CEO of an out of state firm looking to expand operations somewhere.
Everyone can help-
If you are not participating come out and cheer on the runners. One of the common themes I read in emails I receive from participants after the race is the 9.3 miles of encouragement they have experienced- a rarity in distance running.
As the biggest event in this community all of us, not just Boilermaker volunteers and staff, have a collective ownership of this event.
Use your head-
While common sense often isn’t common please use a bit of thought. Simple practices such as keeping hydrated, getting good nights sleep, and running ‘your race’ (not a friend’s or some dreamed of goal) will help insure you don’t visit with medical staff somewhere along the course.
Get to the start early-
You can’t get to the Start Line too early but you can get there too late.
If you are planning on parking near the Post Race and shuttling over figure out where you are parking before Sunday morning; remember there is no formal parking spots.
Have a plan-
If you are planning on meeting someone at the Post Race Party use a specific landmark as a meeting place. With tens of thousands of people milling around the back of the brewery “I’ll see you at the finish line” just won’t cut it.
Say thank you-
This race only occurs because volunteers and sponsors support it. A simple thank you goes a long way to remind that volunteer that getting up at dawn to help people they don’t even know is a good thing.
Have fun-
There is for everyone (hopefully) involved a joy that makes this second Sunday in July special. Celebrate this thing we call the Boilermaker. I lied; I think this one is the most important!

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