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Gotta Great Story?

This year the Boilermaker celebrated its 35th birthday.
In recognition of this significant we are putting together a documentary chronicling the race- do you want to be a part of it?
While there are several big stories about the race that most are familiar with, there are literally thousands of untold ones that we are searching for.
Think about a tapestry, if you look at the back of it all you will see is a jumble of thousands of seemingly random thread patterns giving no clue to the beauty on the opposite side.
Some possible ‘threads’:
Do you know someone (perhaps yourself) that has used the race as a catalyst for positive change?
Do you have some sort of tradition among family or friends that has been born because of the race?
The race is powered by volunteers, is there someone in the background that people don’t see or hear about but should?
Do you have a funny or goofy story that really needs ‘the light of day’?
You will need to feel comfortable being interviewed in front of a camera (or find someone who can do it).
I can’t guarantee that the story will make the final cut (I’m neither the producer nor director) but if you don’t step forward it will never be told.
We are also looking for video/ photos, especially from the early days. We promise to return them back safely.
The plan is for the documentary to air on TV prior to the running of the 36th Boilermaker.
So do you want to help?
Emails can be sent to: or call (315) 520*8749.

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