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That’s a Lot of Green!

Recently there were two local stories that struck me as so representative of the giving nature of this area.
At the end of November Wagner Farms, located in Rome and run by Ron Wagner, donated 28,000 pounds of food to the Food Bank of Central New York. That’s 14 tons of squash, cabbage and potatoes! This donation gives the inner city poor the opportunity to access nutritious food rather than high sugar/ salt processed diet that is the staple of the local corner store/ bodega.
I would assume Mr. Wagner could have ‘made some green’ selling the vegetables rather than just giving it away.
Early in December Arthur Pultorak of Deerfield, age 83, passed away. Arthur had no children, never married, and lived in a house with no running water. A self avowed ‘poor farmer’ Mr. Pultorak had a rather large surprise to spring at his death. Unknown to everyone, except his attorney, Arthur was a rather rich man. How rich? How about rich enough to make a 1.5 million dollar bequest to the two local hospitals! For 20 years Arthur worked at a local psychiatric hospital as an attendant finally retiring over 22 years ago. Since Mr. Pultorak was a loner no one knows the reason for the hospitals as the beneficiaries. Perhaps his experiences in the psych facility ignited some fire within him. We’ll never know.
I believe I read that this was the largest single gift the hospitals. Imagine that, from a seeming nobody a bequest from beyond the grave.
This community never fails to overwhelm me with its seemingly infinite capacity for caring.
I see it every year with the Boilermaker volunteer support.
I saw it first hand with our Hurricane Sandy relief effort filling one and a half trucks with cleaning material, batteries, blankets, coats and hats in three days.
And I see it happening with the various food/ toy drives occurring throughout our community.
Ron, thank you for what you do.
Arthur; thank you for what you did.
God, I love this place!

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