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You’ve Got Mail!

Dum, da, dum, dum

Dum,da,dum, dum DUM!

‘The stories you are about to see are true,

the names have been changed to protect the innocent’

                                                From the TV show Dragnet

I think there is an unwritten math formula which states the amount of my emails will quadruple every day the race gets closer. This week I received in excess of 300 emails.

 This does not include the emails that go straight to my spam folder. You know the ones; the ones promising instant riches to be found in Nigeria, emails written in what appear to be Chinese characters, offers of can’t miss stocks and messages that begin with ‘Dearest Beloved’.

If the internet has done anything it has driven us from verbal communication to the written word. The power of email, twitter and text messaging is remarkable. It is sort of eerie how little the phone rings compared to my first year in this job. I remember days as the race got close and all six lines would be lit up!  I felt like Lilly Tomlin in her ‘Ernestine the Operator’ role.

A quick word about facebook , while I consider myself a fairly affable guy I am a lousy ‘facebook friend’. I’m happy to just keep up with the electronic stuff I need to deal with. Same goes with twitter.

So what has arrived in the old electronic mailbag over the past few weeks?

The vast majority of my emails go into what I would call big buckets labeled; logistics, security, charitable efforts, sponsor/ media relations, industry emails, special events, community stuff (I serve on a committee for the Community Foundation and am Chairman of the Tourism Bureau) and the ‘I’ve got a problem- can you help me?’Let’s look at what fits in that last category.

Amazingly I am still getting a couple of emails from people who just sort of figured out the race sold out and asking if there is a ‘wait list’. The term wait list became a sort of unofficial dirty word at our office after trying to administer it a few years ago.

Vendors wanting to be a part of the Expo (deadline was a month ago).

A runner who is planning her wedding that will take place in the Summer of 2014 and didn’t want to miss the race- talk about dedication! BTW, next year’s race will take place Sunday July 13, 2014.

Where are good camping sites in the area?

Why don’t you have a bike race?

I couldn’t sell my bib; what do I do?

I couldn’t get a bib; what do I do? I really wish this person met the person who asked the previous question!

What is going to be the beer at the Post Race Party? Hey I have an answer; that would be Wild Hops Pilsner.

Looks like the formula is holding true, today on track for another 100 email day!



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