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Boilermaker Birthday

Next Sunday, July 14th, we will be celebrating the 36th birthday of the Boilermaker Road Race.
The vision that Earle Reed and a group of fellow runners had in the fall of 1977 was to have a race that makes a difference not only in the lives of people who run it, but also in the lives of everyone in our community. Both have certainly come true and remain at the core of the Boilermaker’s DNA.
Who would have thought what an adult the Boilermaker would grow up to be? It began as a mostly local road race and blossomed into a multi-day event drawing people from throughout the world.
And this race certainly has many, many parents who have adopted the Boilermaker as their own!
There are 14 individuals left who have been at every Boilermaker birthday party and who have run in every single one.
The final days leading up to the race tend to be a semi-organized madhouse taxing one’s patience. Just when I’m ready to explode, I try to remember a quote from Tony Robbins: “It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what these events mean.”
What do these events mean to someone like David Freeman, race director of this year’s Boilermaker shadow run in Afghanistan? He wrote me to tell me that in 24 hours, 450 troops had signed up to run. And, Freeman wrote: “They keep flowing in.”
Or the charity bib runners hitting the streets in honor or in memory of loved ones.
Or the two blind runners participating in the 15k.
And in a weird way, this Boilermaker birthday is the gift from the community to the community, igniting like the brightest birthday candle, a pride in the place we live.
It’s a gift of sold-out hotel rooms and crowded restaurants as people from around the world stream into Utica.
A gift of people deciding to take charge of their own health and achieve something few can do.
A gift of people regardless of community, color or age working together for a common goal of helping people they most often don’t even know.
Perhaps instead giving out orange slices at the end of the race we should give out cake.
Happy birthday to us!

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