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The day after the Boilermaker

‘So Tim, what do you do after the race is over?’While the racers have left and the beer taps are dry (perhaps that’s why they left) there is still much to do.
Getting stuff put away:
The sheer amount of material we use to put on Boilermaker Weekend is perhaps as impressive as the thousands of our participants. Literally miles of snow fence and plastic barriers, hundreds of tables and chairs and banners and flags need to be placed back into storage.
Thank you notes:
My Mom drummed this in the Reed kids heads the importance of sending a thank you note (hand written) and in a timely manner (though I must admit my brother and sisters are much better at it than I). It is amazing that the written word seems to be on the near-extinction list.
The ‘we coulda done better’ list:
Right after the race is over I give a ‘homework assignment’ to all of the races Operational Directors that they document everything we can do better. I usually get some good feedback from runners. Memories are funny; they often fade fast. At our first Directors Meeting in September we will discuss those ‘we coulda done better’ moments and (hopefully) eliminate them.
The events after the event:
Within the race are a series of sub-contests that are celebrated after Boilermaker Sunday is done. Each of these events has an awards night. Among these are:
The Utica Police/ Fire Competition
This event pits runners from these public safety departments against each other in ‘friendly’ completion. This year, in a break from tradition, the Utica Police Department took first place. I had to laugh as the policeman carrying the trophy passed me walking off stage and proclaiming ‘Hey we won one in a row!’
The Corporate Challenge
Nearly 800 runners from 70 organizations compete in fastest team times running the 15k. We award three $500 checks to charities nominated by each team and chosen by a drawing. This year The Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Doctors without Borders and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center were the lucky winners.
The School Challenge
High school runners are recognized for performance in both the 15k and 5k races. This event, sponsored by Empower Federal Credit Union and held in their Utica office, is a real delight. There is a certain camaraderie that is forged among runner regardless of what school they represent.
Charity Bib Reception
Really looking forward to this one! Our inaugural class of charity bib partners raised over $102,000- simply outstanding. I know I’m going to cry at this one.
Finally, planning for next year’s race (can you believe it).

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