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Time Flies!

Labor Day marked more than the unofficial end of summer; it also marked the end of the Boilermaker Countdown Clock! Let’s back up…
August 31st began as a humid day with heat building throughout the day. It just felt like something was going to happen.
Well ‘the happening’ took place early in the evening. As I was at home watching TV, I glanced out the window and saw the trees swaying- really big trees swaying! The wind chimes were sounding an alarm.
Next came curtains of rain punctuated by frequent thunder and lightning. It was feeling eerily familiar to a Labor Day Storm we experienced five years earlier.
The lights flicked off, returned for 2 seconds and went black. I could tell this was going to go on for a bit so I went on the great flashlight hunt.
I knew there was a working one in the hall closet. It is at these moments that I am reminded what creatures of habit we can become. As I opened the closet door and peered into the blackness what was the first thing I did? Why flip the light switch of course! Note to self; lights don’t work when the power is off. I groped in the mound of hats, gloves and mittens and extracted the flashlight.
My cell phone rang….
‘Tim, this is Jan (Jan is the wife of Race Director Jim Stasaitis). The Boilermaker Countdown Clock is laying on Genesee Street.’ ‘Jim has a couple of people headed over to get it off the road’
I later learned that the clock ended up a half a city block away from our building. A runner came and helped the group move the clock, now in 3 or 4 pieces, next to our building and secured.
The next morning I saw the dented mess whose time had passed. We loaded the remains into a truck sent by the company that originally built the clock. It was very, very heavy; a testament to the power of the storm.
Now the Countdown Clock had been in existence since January of 2010. The clock and I have a love/ hate affair. When the race is over 100 days away we get along very well. However, when we hit the two digit mark our relationship takes a dramatically bad turn. A dreadful electronic reminder of so much to do, with time slowly, slowly, slipping away.
I must admit, I will miss looking out the conference room window and seeing people in cars at the stoplight pointing at the clock or taking pictures of it with their cell phones.
As most are aware we have our building for sale. The first question I’m asked ‘where do you want to relocate’? Second question, ‘What will happen to the countdown clock’? So I guess it has become a fixture (or in this case no longer affixed) to the area.
So now we deal with the insurance company- a rather funny conversation with the agent out of Philadelphia explaining having an electronic countdown clock for a road race on our building and its demise.
So perhaps a countdown (or count up) till we get the countdown clock….
BTW- a ‘credit shout’ out to Paul Buckley who came up with the title of this blog; my original titling was ‘time got away from us’. Buck, you had the better lead!

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