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The Boolermaker; a frighteningly good time!

The idea of a kid’s run around Halloween had been floating around in my head for over two years. I finally took the plunge and said to my Boilermaker Directors ‘we are going to do this’.
We employed the KISS philosophy (keep it simple stupid) by replicating the run course that we used at Masonic Care Community prior to our Expo move to MVCC. It had been successful in the past with up to 1,800 kids participating. A huge added bonus was the ability to park up to 500 cars on campus that was unavailable when we had the Expo at Masonic.
The ability to pull this off on such a short timeframe (we began work on it in mid-August) stands as a testament to the dedication of our volunteer base. I cannot count the amount of times I heard the words, ‘Tim, what can I do to help?’
Likewise, the Boilermaker name made acquiring healthy treats for our little ghosts and goblins an easy task. No less than eleven organizations donated product to be handed out.
While we had ‘set the table’ for 1,200 participants (again, using our Expo experiences), our inaugural group of runners numbered slightly over 400. While initially disappointed, in hindsight it was a really manageable number not stressing our parking or Boolermaker activities we had in the Masonic gym. Hey, the first Boilermaker had well under 1,000 runners; a pale comparison to our current registration.
The vast majority of our participants were in the 4-6 year old age group who were simply the cutest in their Halloween garb.
Simply the same ones I encounter with the Boilermaker; weather and the safety of our participants. You know those things I usually have very little control over. Ended up getting the same lousy night’s sleep I have the night before the Boilermaker.
Up at 5:30 am and by 6:15 finishing up last minute setup work at Masonic.
At 8:00 families began to stream into the gym. Kids bobbed for apples, were fingerprinted by the Sheriff’s Department, and petted a ferret courtesy of the Utica Zoo. Clearly one of the highlights were the face painters and spay on tattoo artist.
While there was a bit of a biting wind the rains held off. The Ride for Missing Children shepherded pirates, princesses and various characters along the course.
Those that participated received a cool Boolermaker backpack bag loaded with healthy treats.
Looks like we have the beginning of a new Boilermaker tradition!

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