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The Boolermaker Kid’s Run (scaring up a good time)

Halloween has become monster holiday; it is expected that total U.S. spending in 2013 will top seven billion dollars! The vast majority of spending for Halloween (big surprise) will be on candy; over 7% of total candy sales for the year are generated by Halloween-wow!
The Boilermaker has had a deep commitment to youth fitness; the Utica National Kid’s Run and the Bank of America Youth Olympics both held during Boilermaker Week are but two examples.
Over the past two years I had envisioned a Halloween-themed, untimed, run but had never pulled the trigger- well the gun is finally locked and loaded! On Saturday, October 26th, kids from ages 4 to 12 lace up your sneakers because…here comes the Boolermaker!
Since this is the first time we have ventured out to have an athletic event outside of traditional Boilermaker time we went with things we know have worked in the past. The Masonic Care Community offered a kid-friendly course we had used in the past as well as a fair amount of parking. Although we have managed runs in excess of 1,600 kids, we are capping the Boolermaker at 1,200 to maintain control and security.
While we wanted to reward the kid’s for a run well done, it seemed rather ironic that we would give them candy after working out. Therefore we gathered a number of healthy snack alternatives from raisins, yogurt, apples, fruit bars, cider and more.
Plus, the participants will receive dental floss and toothpaste, from Excellus and Zalatan Dental respectively that they can put in a commemorative Boolermaker bag.
Activities begin at 8:00 am; runs begin at 10:00 am. Activities include, face painting, finger printing, the zoomobile, games and education.
Signups ($5 a child) will be at Sangertown Square (Center Court) on Saturday, Oct. 19th, from noon-5:00 pm. If we don’t sell out on Saturday a second registration will take place Friday, Oct. 25th, from 3:00-7:00 pm.
There is no race day signup!
A big thank you to Adirondack Back stepping up to be the Presenting Sponsor.
Want to learn more? Check out and click on the Boolermaker Pumpkins (that look very cool).
We also have some kid’s Boolermaker logoed tee shirts that glow in the dark for sale on our website.
The Boolermaker; where getting fit isn’t scary!

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