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Starting up a Brand New Day

So we stand at the start of the New Year- a time of new beginnings, a time when all things are possible. It’s like we press this big reset button on our lives to correct those things in our lives that we know are wrong but for whatever reason we keep doing them. We are like Chicago Cub fans at the opening day of baseball season- this time it’s going to be different (all apologies to Cubby fans).
For me 2014 will be a milestone; it will mark sixty years I have been on this planet-wow!
I recently read that 49% of Americans usually make New Years Resolutions. Number 1 resolution? No surprises here- losing weight. Other popular ones, smoking (as in quitting), organization and money matters.
So let’s make some resolutions and hope we can make them stick!
Patience- I fully expect the race will sell out faster in 2014 than 2013, a bit of perspective we sold out last year in 68 hours. What this will invariably cause is a series of emails asking about waitlist (no, we do not have waitlists). Let me remember there is a reason I get these emails, it’s a good thing to get to be in charge of a popular event.
Manage moving- I mean this one in both a literal and figurative sense. At some point this year, our offices will be moving from downtown to West Utica. The benefit of being a stones throw from where the race ends is exhilarating; the thought of dealing with a major building renovation is terrifying.
Last year marked a significant moment of the race being a community change agent with the launch of the Charity Bib Program. Expect more of the Boilermaker becoming an advocate for the promotion of the health of our community. Now saying that…
Good to go?- One of the reasons we moved registrations from January to March is because of those thought about it/ didn’t do it resolutions.
So if you are contemplating running the race for the first time, think long and hard about what you are about to get into. To graduate from being a sedentary individual to one capable of running 9.3 miles in the middle of July takes some real commitment. Besides beginning a regular exercise regime, throw in nutritional changes and perhaps dropping bad habits. While this is tough stuff (if it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it) the letters I get saying how preparing for the Boilermaker has so changed people’s lives shows it can be done. You just need to begin!
So today we have thrown away the rear view mirror and focus on the road ahead of us. I hope all of you reach the finish line you envision.
Please excuse the auto racing/ road racing mixed metaphors.

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