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Board That Boilermaker Birnie Bus

Birnie Bus has played a big part in making this race happen. The ability to move thousands of participants from west Utica to the 15k start line on Boilermaker Sunday and returning runners after the Post Race Party to the Start Line is remarkable. You simply can’t start the race until you get people to the start!
Last year, when pre-planning for the 2013 Boilermaker with Tim Birnie and his staff he suggested they take on moving runners from communities where we see large number of runners. I was intrigued.
Parking near the finish line has always been a challenge. We introduce a large number of people into an area where we have little formal parking. Perhaps the number 1 question for our folks working the information booth at the Expo is ‘where in the heck do I park’? They go through around 1,000 maps of our community in a day and a half which gives you an idea of our out of town friends.
So the Birnie folks and I reviewed the data where people had come from the previous year we settled on three sites; Syracuse, Rome and Lowville. The price a mere $5, granted it was a school bus, but still an incredible deal.
Well Birnie is back and certainly even better.
This year they have added one more site to shuttle runners- Albany.
Now the big news we aren’t talking about school buses anymore, we are taking about luxury tour buses. Buses with a/c, Wi-Fi and perhaps most important bathrooms!
While the pricing has risen a bit- Rome& Lowville-$10, Syracuse, $15 and Albany $20 to get a bus at this price is a steal.
We have 1180 registered runners from the Syracuse region, 1081 from the Albany region, 501 from the Rome region and 150 from the Lowville region. Seems like it should be pretty simple to fill a 66 person bus (or two).
Think about it:
The no list-
No payment for gas/ tolls
No dealing with the traffic snarls
No figuring out where to park and hiking to the shuttle pick up points
The yes list-
You can use ‘the facilities’ pre-race after all that water you’ve been drinking
You can rest your eyes before you get dropped off at the Start Line
You can rest your eyes after you leave the Post Race Party
You can text your friends telling them what a great time you had
Speaking of friends, you may make some brand new ones with your fellow riders
You did something nice for the environment
Space will be limited; go to boilermaker.com and press the Birnie Bus icon.
This is for 15k runners only!

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