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Drinking From The Old Fire Hose

There are weeks when we have little to announce, others when it’s the horn of plenty. This blog deals with the latter.
Shadow Run #7
The year was 2008; America had been at war in Iraq for 6 years, Afghanistan for 8. That year we received requests from two long time Boilermaker supporters that were deployed in both warzones to support a Boilermaker Shadow Run. A shadow run is simply a 15k run that takes place overseas, usually the same day as the Boilermaker. One was rescheduled (2012, Afghanistan) due to an emergency military operation. We have had thousands of troops run in the various shadow runs, including soldiers from other nations.
For the first time we are supporting a run in a non-warzone; Kuwait. I strongly suspect that like the Iraq runs the troops will be running prior to sunrise as the summer heat in this desert land; daytime temperatures can run over 118 degrees! First Lieutenant Jeff Ruso, who was race director for the 2012 Shadow Run, is planning on 250 hearty souls participating in the intense temps. This year, rather than providing tee shirts (never enough/ wrong sizes) we are providing a cool down towel, embossed with the 2014 Shadow Run logo, that when wrapped around the neck, cools 10-20 degrees than the outside air. We will sell a limited amount of these towels to the general public both on-line and at the Boilermaker Expo.
As a Vietnam-era veteran it still amazes me (pleasantly) the support our troops still have after all these years. Seifert Graphics have provided the start/ finish line banner and Mohawk Global Logistics are transporting the race gear at no cost.
The Boilermaker Mile
Formerly called The Roadrunner Mile, the event was designed to showcase top local runners on an absolutely screaming fast portion of the Boilermaker course. Exit the Roadrunner Mile, enter the Boilermaker Mile.
What’s changed; nearly everything but the distance. The course has been moved to the safe, flat, confines of Proctor Park. While there will be two heats for the elite men and women the central focus is a community run. While we’d love to have a massive run the relatively narrow pathways limit us to 200 participants. For a $10 registration participants will receive a commemorative tee shirt (you need to sign up by June 21st to receive a shirt). The Boilermaker will make a donation to support restoration/ maintenance of the park.
Interested participants can signup at boilermaker.com.
A New Home
On Friday May 30th we formally closed on a new home for our offices. While we will not formally move until after the race this location (located nearly next to the finish line) it will certainly be of great support at this year’s Boilermaker.
Coming up; Birnie Bus out of town shuttle service, Boilermaker scholarship awards, Hall of Fame Induction announcement, and a new mobile website.
Oh yeah, and a little race in the middle of July!

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