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Are you ready?

The biggest question I’ve heard over the past couple of weeks has been ‘Tim, are you ready for the race?’ This question has (thankfully) replaced ‘Tim, how do I get in the race since registration has closed’.
I have contemplated the idea of preparedness for the race and came to the conclusion that my readiness for the race, in the end, is a relatively minor one compared to many.
In one week this race will be upon us; the question is not if I’m ready- but are you?
To our volunteers- are you ready?
Have you been in contact with you respective committee coordinators? Please take a ‘patience pill’ as you may be asked the same question over and over during the weekend; remember you are our community’s ambassadors.
Get a good night’s sleep on Saturday; people are (very literally) depending on you.
BTW- thank you for doing for free for what we could never afford to pay you!
To our spectators- are you ready?
One of the true highlights of this race is your involvement. Few, if any, races can boast of crowds as long and deep as ours. Be there and cheer for the person you don’t even know. Make our participants feel like a rock star for just one day!
Finally to our runners- are your ready?
Have you put in the miles to deal with either that 15k or 5k journey you are about to embark on next Sunday? Have you figured out how you are getting to the start line (early please!)? Have you been drinking enough water? Be prepared for hot weather. No new running shoes or running clothes please. No backpacks or coolers. Practice good running courtesy-remember, there’s more than just you on the course.
Sorry if I sound like your mother.
I give the same advice to our 3 miles walkers who will step out on Saturday morning at the Masonic Care Community. For some, this event is a huge accomplishment.
Please thank a volunteer or two (like I did above); they have donated their time and effort to make your race memorable.
So my answer to those who ask if I’m ready usually is ‘well, I guess it’s going to happen’.
Because, in the end, this Boilermaker weekend is not about me; but about you.

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