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Just Another Day

For me the 4th of July is simply July 4th. While certainly very patriotic type (flag will hang proudly in front of house) the amount of work to be done prior to race day precludes the opportunity to celebrate America’s day of saying ‘enough’ to Britain’s repressive ways . Its nine days (and one hour), at the writing of this blog, until the start of the 15k, the 5k would be almost ready to go. Eight days until the Kid’s Run, 3 Mile Walk, seven days till the Expo …and a partridge in a pear tree!
This is the time I exist on too much coffee and too little sleep.
There is a great deal new happening this year; an Induction Ceremony, race course enhancements, a record number of Expo vendors, a Saturday concert, all good stuff! All the maps/ verbiage need to be good to go by Monday so we can be assured to get it in both the newspaper as well as on the website.
Today becomes the first day I have an opportunity to get a possible sneak preview of the weather on Boilermaker Sunday viewing the 10 day forecast. Last year this exercise became sheer folly as the long-term view of Boilermaker Sunday showed a relatively cool temperature at the start of the race. As we approached race day, a nasty patch of hot, humid, weather marched from west to east across the U.S.; by Thursday of Boilermaker Week I knew the 2013 race was going to be challenging to the runners.
At some point I will drive the course to see what sort of shape the roads are in; this year’s bitter winter devastated the northeast’s road system; Utica was no exception. The cities DPW has traditionally done a fantastic job managing with the 9.3 miles of road that snakes through the city.
Speaking of roads; we are in the second year of the Department of Transportation (DOT) arterial project. I can’t say enough good things about the DOT’s involvement with the general public and specifically the Boilermaker on this project. For our once-a –year visitors the landscape, specifically around the Post Race Party area, will look very, very different. No more Fay Street Warehouse as well as over 40 other buildings, new roads/ exits and traffic patterns. By 2017, the anticipated completion date, this project will be transformation (in a good way) for our region.
While down at the finish line area, as is my tradition, will check out the condition of Boilermaker Park. This mini rendition of the Boilermaker course located next to the Polish Community Center is festooned with bricks etched with memorials, honors and words of joy. This is an important place for those who have bought a brick (and I personally know many of them); this is a bit of a labor of love to make sure it’s ‘standing tall’ for race weekend.
Answering the dearth of emails, it’s like fighting the Hydra, take care of one and two more pop up!
And I really need to get my lawn mowed!
I will probably fall asleep before ‘the rockets red glare’ and on Saturday be awake before ‘the dawn’s early light’.
Hey- happy birthday U.S.A.!

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