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Leaving Home

This is the final week in our old building located at 144 Genesee Street. We have boxed and moved everything out, swept the floors and vacuumed the rugs. The walls sit barren, I see areas of the floor that prior I had never seen; it is eerily quiet as I put my keys to the doors on the front desk, set the alarm and walk out for the last time.
So much has changed in our neighborhood since the establishment of our offices in 1999. On our block there was a motorcycle gang clubhouse, five doors down a vicious German Shepherd would pound against a storefront window, furiously barking, saliva flying, as you walked by. His owner was known as ‘crazy Joe’-enough said. Three buildings sat vacant and a strip club was the primary ‘magnet of commerce’.
Fast forward fifteen years later, the same block now sports a coffee shop, pizza joint sporting loft apartments, a high-end restaurant, a ‘THinkubator’ a student-led think tank established by our local collages. The block still has the strip club, although their hours have been severely curtailed (the building is for sale). The ‘development bug’ has struck adjoining streets stretching to the Utica Auditorium.
In spite of the three flights of stairs I trudged every day to reach my office, the challenges with finding parking and dodging the flocks of crows that inhabited the trees at Commercial Travelers in the winter with their foul ‘messiness’-I will miss this place!
While it’s not like we’ve moved to a different state; we are less than a mile away ‘as the crow flies’ (those crows again!) I realize that my interactions with my old neighbors/friends will certainly be less frequent. Need to make new friends with our new neighbors!
Our new neighborhood is clearly different. We now sit on the edge of both a residential area and commercial area. While we now have a lawn to mow, areas that will need to be plowed in the winter; we (finally) have our own parking lot!
It feels a little like being a freshman arriving at college, starting over.
Looking back with a little sadness, looking forward with a great deal of anticipation.

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