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Where Did The Time Go (Part 2)

Where Did The Time Go (Part 2)
So in the previous blog I spoke about the slowing of the field in 15, now let’s look at the 5k.
Attached are the median times over the last six years:
Year Overall Men (winning time) Women (winning time) Temp.
2014 33:40 31:36 (15:55) 34:58 (18:01) 68 degrees
2013 33:16 31:24 (16:09) 34:25 (18:28) 66 degrees
2012 32:36 30:21 (16:11) 34:04 (19:18) 65 degrees
2011 31:35 29:26 (16:38) 33:06 (18:16) 58 degrees
2010 31:43 29:53 (16:28) 33:01 (18:59) 64 degrees
2009 31:08 29:09 (15:21) 33:41 (19:34) 55 degrees

Unlike the 15k, which saw a slight quickening of average running compared to 2013 the 5k ended up posting a slightly slower time.
I posted a category in parenthesis indicating respective winning times for men and women. I had surmised that winning times would be quicker. In 2012 we had changed the designation of the 5k from a run to a race-in a race you recognize at least the top three finishers in the male and female category. In addition I suspected that we would see a faster winning time as runners who were capable in running the 15k may have found themselves on the outside looking in when that race sold out so decided to sign up for the 5k. It sort of follows that trajectory (although I’d love to know what the male winner was eating who won the 2009 5k).
Temperatures posted are those taken at 8:00 AM, the start of the 15k, logic dictates that temps at the start of the 5k were cooler. Prior to 2011 the 5k started at 7:30AM; currently it begins at7:15AM.
There may be other factors at work here, perhaps we are seeing older or perhaps much, much younger runners. I do wonder if some people running the 5k figure ‘hey, it’s not the 15k, so I don’t need to train’. That is an ill-advised way of thinking; we saw a number of 5k runners in the medical tent this year. Lots of need for the kitty litter at the finish line (I’ll leave that to your imagination why).
Bottom line, the average runners of the 5k is 8% slower than their predecessors 5 years earlier. Guess what; that 8% number is nearly identical for the 15k also. Must be in the water!

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