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Food Fight

We are in a fight for food; or rather we are in a fight to get more food (of the nutritious variety) to our upstate community.
Wal-Mart has committed to split $3,000,000 equally among 50 food banks ($60,000 each). One of the food banks in the running is the Food Bank of Central New York.
Selection is based on facebook voting, you can vote once a day until October 5, 2014.
While I tend to not love campaigns like this that seem a bit like a popularity contest; I really, really do love the idea of money floating into upstate to feed our folks.
The Food Bank of CNY covers a wide territory spanning eleven counties. This footprint represents where the majority of where Boilermaker runners live. I’ve had a chance to see first hand the Food Bank of CNY’s operation as they have been a Boilermaker Charity Bib partner- it’s a first class operation.
If the Boilermaker is to be a positive change agent then it’s a natural we get shoulder (or rather our voting index finger) behind this. Many have been the time we have made the impossible possible.
What can you do?
Simply vote and tell friends and family to vote.
Currently the Boilermaker has close to 16,000 friends on our facebook page; if everyone voted just once we are solidly in the hunt. Get at least one of your friends to vote- you get the picture. At the time of this writing we have dropped out of the top 50.
Let’s show the country what Boilermaker spirit is about.
Imagine if we could get to number 1!
The link to the Food Bank of CNY is: http://www.foodbankcny.org/
Click the Fight Hunger Spark Change icon and you will be on your way to making our community a healthier place.

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