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Less is More

So the less in question is in fact not a unit of measure but rather a man- Les Diven who passed away at the age of 85 on September 11th. Another sad event added to a national day of sadness.
Les was a newspaper man, a reporter with the Observer Dispatch (Daily Press) for 40 years. I guess Les was like the Derrick Jeter of the reporting world; stayed with the same organization the entire length of his employment.
Les looked like a reporter, or at least what in my mind an ‘old school’ reporter would look like. I can imagine him interviewing someone furious scribbling with a pencil in a notebook with perhaps another pencil in back of his ear in reserve. He was simply THE sports reporter in our area. Les saw both the uniqueness and potential of the race and no doubt spurred its popularity in our region. The Boilermaker, recognizing the skills of Les, created the Les Diven Award annually recognizing a media person who best represents the craft of reporting/ writing particularly when it comes to the Boilermaker. Many of the reporters and writers that you’re familiar with have been bestowed with this honor.
Les formally came into my life in the early 1990’s after his retirement when I was working at Utica Boilers. At the time I was in charge of manufacturing and my office was across the hall from a small conference room. One morning Les and his wife Pat walked into the conference room with bundles of envelopes held together with rubber bands. Les and Pat were officially the Boilermakers registration processing volunteers!
At the time the Boilermaker was fielding around 5,000 runners so while there was much smaller participation than today virtually everything was being processed by hand. Payment was in the form of checks or cash if people dropped off their applications to our office. There would generally be a deluge prior to when the registration fee would increase. Like clockwork Pat and Les would walk past my office, offer a good morning greeting and get to work. On occasion I would hear a chuckle emanating out of their ‘office’ no doubt produced by some runner’s foolishness that would be corrected without complaint.
While automation eventually rendered this process extinct Les and Pat remained loyal volunteers. They were those ‘just tell us what to do’ type of folks that are the backbone of successful organizations.
What I remember about Les; that he always had a smile on his face. I can’t testify that he was that way in the newspaper biz as I wasn’t there, but as an unpaid worker he was a very happy guy.
The local paper, the race and the community were made a better place because of you.
We really could use more of people like Les.
Les, you often wrote about the Boilermaker- I consider it an honor to write about you. God bless you!

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